Who Am I? // Kelsey Syble Barcomb

What Am I? // A digital marketer and writer from the South who is navigating her twenties in the Northeast.

What’s My Story? // When I’m asked to define myself, I often recall my earliest memory.  One afternoon when I was four, I neatly placed a group of toys along my bedroom wall. While seated across from them in a small pink chair, I held up a storybook and said that the story they were about to hear was written by me.

“Once upon a time,” I called out (loudly, so that all my guests could hear). I opened the book and began flipping pages, making up a story as I went along and weaving my way past words I could not yet understand.

Later when I went to elementary school and learned how to make sense of those words, I began typing away every afternoon on the family computer, a large clunky Dell my parents still have somewhere in their attic. I spent hours typing in that room. I called my creations “chapter books”  like the ones I read at school.

I’ve been a writer ever since.

My passion for writing and telling stories is why I chose to study journalism in college. In August 2016, I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. My desire is to someday have my own novel published and to continue telling stories.

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